Keyword search help

MBGD uses the MySQL database management system. All searches are case insensitive.

Search fields

ORF ID unique identifier assigned for each gene (e.g. b0014)
Gene name gene name optionally assigned (e.g. dnaK)
Description product name (fulltext mode, see below)
All all of the above fields (fulltext mode, see below)

Full text search

MBGD uses MySQL full text search engine to search the "Description" and "All" fields. In this mode, the following operators can be specified.
+keywordthe keyword must be appeared
-keywordthe keyword must not be appeared
keyword the keyword is optional
keyword*matches all words beginning with "keyword" (e.g. keywords)
"two words"matches the exact phrase "two words"


SQL wildcard characters ('%' and '_') or regular expression character class ([abc] etc.) can be used for the "ORF ID" and "Gene name" fields (e.g. dna%, dna[JK]).