Login/Create User

Create User

  1. On the top page of MBGD, click "My MBGD Mode" on the left menu to invoke the MyMBGD mode.
  2. The login page appears. To create a new user account, click "Create Account" in the header menu. You can skip this process if you login as a guest user.
  3. A user creation form will be displayed, please fill in the required information.
  4. Press the "create" button. If there are no registration errors, you will be automatically logged in.


  1. Click "My MBGD Mode" on the left menu of the top page.
  2. Enter your account and password and press the "login" button. Alternatively, click "Login as guest user" to login in guest mode.

Attach file: filelogin.png 21 download [Information] filecreate_user.png 22 download [Information]

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